Featured Artists

Some of the featured artists include:

Mira Calix is a British award-winning artist whose work rangers from electronic dance music, to musique concrète, to multi-media orchestral performances. She engages in creating worlds using both electronic and analog equipment and sounds found in nature to promote divergent composition and listening practices. For example, Nunu, a devised improvisation performance Calix wrote, uses live electronic music programming, a sinfonietta and live wasps as the string section to create a collaborative orchestra. She recently created a mulch-sensory installation, Inside There Falls for the Sydney Festival.

Mileece is an award-winning artist who creates live interactive installations as well as music with plants. She released Formations on Lo Recordings in 2003. She performed at MoMA in 2013.

Rucyl is an audiovisual artist and technologist. In 2008 she built the Chakakhantroller, a wearable midi controller, and continues to experiment with new formats of musical, visual & electronic expression. She is one of the original members of alternative hip hop group The Goats (Ruffhouse/Columbia Records). After returning to her hometown of Philadelphia in 2009, Rucyl co-founded futuretronic label & experimental audiovisual electronic group Saturn Never Sleeps. She has a Bachelors of Science in New Media from New School University, a Masters degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University, and is a certified audio engineer. 

The Doubtful Guest (Libby Floyd) is the granddaughter of J.B. Floyd, a well-known jazz musician; Libby is a former opera singer that composes acid of all genres. She is touted as “The Queen of Acid”.

Vaccine (Christine Clements), hailing from the sunny California coastis  the first woman to release a dubstep record.

Bérangère Maximin is a Paris-based French electro-acoustic composer and a former Denis Dufour (Groupe de recherches musicales [GRM]) student. Her discography spans several albums — Infinitesimal (2013), No one Is an Island (2012), and Tant Que Les heures Passent (As Long As The Hours Go By) released on John Zorn’s Tzadik Records label in 2008.

Phantomchips (Tara Pattenden) is a Bristol based Australian feminist artists. She works in the field of analog electronics, noise performance and soft circuitry. She has been making noise and mess for over 15 years performing with kunt, monster zoku onsomb and as schmelfhelp